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Heart Flower Box Preserved Fresh Flower Long Lasting Rose Wedding Decoration

Roses That Last Years - The Perfect Gift For Every Occasion! 

What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are natural real roses that are carefully preserved using a special proprietary and non-toxic process to preserve the quality and integrity of each petal which are then dyed with rich vibrant colors keeping its natural beauty. The preservation of each rose allows them to keep their look and feel natural for one year or more under proper conditions.

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More than 40 rose colors

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1. Why preserved roses don’t have a rose scent?

None of preserved roses have a rose scent. The rose scent has been removed during the preserved process.


2. Can I take my preserved roses out of the box?

No. For optimal appearance of the roses, customers cannot take the roses out of the box. Removing the roses will damage them and ruin the arrangement.


3. Can I touch the rose?

DO avoid directly touching your rose for any reason. The rose petals are fragile and can be damaged easily if you touch them.

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