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Floral Arrangement For Wedding Dry Palm Leaves Decoration Flower

-Perfect for Home decor, Wedding decor, DIY Floral arrangements, Shadowbox decoration, Giveaways, Wedding bouquets, Wedding flower wall, interior decor for any occasion. These are perfect for use in bouquets and as well as in the formation of floral arrangements of any size for decorating the room or just as a gift for your loved ones.


- Processed with revolutionary technology to maintain their fresh appearance for a year or even several years.

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Product Application                                                                             

Flower decoration/wedding/home/hotel flower arrangement

Item Weight





Multiple color




Real flower natural dry palm leaf






1.What are preserved flowers?

100% Natural Flowers. Preserved flowers are 100% natural products that have undergone a preservation process to maintain 

their beauty and freshness with no need for water or sunlight. They require no maintenance, no watering, no particular brightness. 

They keep their freshness and flexibility for several years.


2. Are preserved flowers toxic?

The substances used in the preservation process are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-explosive and 

non-chemical reactive. During the preserving process the fragrance of the flower is disbanded.


3.Difference between dry flowers/preserved flowers/real flowers

Both dry flowers and preserved flowers are real flowers. Dried flowers & plants are not very long-lasting. 

Their branches and stems break easily, the colour gradually fades and the petals fall off or break. 

Preservation technique allows plants to maintain a completely natural appearance and feel, 

as they were made by real plants. Therefore preserved flowers is become more and more popular these years.


Preserve flowers can keep long lasting up to 5 years no need water no need sunlight while fresh flowers only can keep lasting for a few days




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